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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Remove pingbacks/trackbacks from Comments Feed


Your comments feed might be flooded with unimportant or even unrelated pingbacks/trackbacks. It's time to remove them entirely!... more

Dummy Data for WordPress

Dummy Data for WordPress

If you are a developer (regardless of what you develop), you know that testing your product out is one of the most important steps in the development process. Apart from running functionality tests you might also need to run scalability as well as compatibility tests and that's where dummy data come in.

For WordPress you will most of the time need dummy data for posts, users or categories, things that take times to... more

Protecting the WordPress wp-admin Folder


Do not let curious people request your wp-admin at all, block them based on their IP addresses or by using an additional pair of username and password.... more

Customize your WordPress Tag Cloud

Customize your WordPress Tag Cloud

Tag cloud, one of the most popular things in the blogging industry, is taken care of quite well in WordPress. What we got is a function that generates a customizable tag cloud with some configurable parameters such as font size, font unit, sorting order, etc. This function also provides some hooks for us end-users to modify the output to suit our needs.

In this article I would like to show you how to... more

Properly Format your Filesize in WordPress

Awaiting Opinion...

Format the sizes of your attachments (or any other files) nicely using size_format().... more

Append a Trailing Slash to Paths and URLs


This useful function will help you easily and properly work with paths and URLs.... more

Global Options in a Multi-site WordPress


Make use of get_site_option() and update_site_option() in a Multi-site environment.... more

Add Polldaddy Polls to WordPress

Add Polldaddy Polls to WordPress

Having polls in your posts or your sidebars might attract your visitors' interest in one way or another. The question is what poll systems you can use and how you should use them. There are some WordPress plugins out there that do their jobs just fine, but if you want a more comprehensive solution, Polldaddy will be your perfect poll system.

Adding's polls to your blog is rather easy, but all the... more

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