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The Logo

BetterWP.Net, as its name suggests, is another WordPress dedicated website that aims for one thing, and one thing only: a better WordPress for everyone.

There is no actual product called Better WordPress, of course, but the ideas, tips and plugins on this website are created with great enthusiasm, and with our dear hopes that anyone can benefit from them, free of charge.

WordPress Tips are small yet helpful tips that you can just apply immediately to your blog and enjoy the result. Blog Posts, or Archives, are more in-depth articles that might (or might not) provide solutions to some particular issues. Although we always try our best to compose an article, mistakes are unavoidable, so feedbacks from you guys, the readers, are of extremely high importance. If you prefer not to comment, please consider dropping a message via  the contact form.

Here at, we strive for the highest quality WordPress plugins, and develop each BWP Plugin with a clear goal in mind: if there’s a similar plugin, ours will be “better”. Your feedbacks play a key role in our development, too, because we understand that without them, there will be no success for us.

That’s right, listening to your customers is a must!

About Khang Minh (lead developer)

He’s Vietnamese and currently living in Hanoi, Vietnam. You can call him Khang or just Kay. You can follow him on or Twitter.

We hope you will enjoy your stay.