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At your service: BWP Google XML Sitemaps 1.4.0!

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At your service: BWP Google XML Sitemaps 1.4.0!

Today, in celebration of 200,000+ active installs, I’m excited to give you guys BWP Google XML Sitemaps version 1.4.0!

Some long-awaited features have been finally implemented, to name a few:

  • Custom post types and taxonomies for the Google News sitemap (yes!).
  • Featured image can now be added to post-based sitemaps. To enable this feature, go to BWP Sitemaps >> Extensions and choose to enable the “Google Image Sitemap” extension, and then select post type(s) to enable the extension for.
  • It is now possible to exclude posts/terms easily via admin page. Better yet, you can now even exclude posts by terms, i.e. if a post belongs to several terms, it will be excluded if any of those terms is excluded.
  • External sitemaps (i.e. sitemaps that are not handled by BWP) can now be added easily by filtering this new hook: bwp_gxs_external_sitemaps.
  • Managing non-WordPress pages has never been easier: simply navigate to BWP Sitemaps >> XML Sitemaps >> External Pages and you will be blown away.

Other noteable changes:

  • Choosing which post types/taxonomies to generate sitemaps for is now an opt-out setting. Instead of choosing which post types/taxonomies to disable sitemap generation, you would now choose post types/taxonomies whose sitemaps should be generated.
  • The X-Robots-Tag: noindex header has been added to all sitemaps to instruct bots to NOT index your sitemaps as searchable contents.
  • About 30+ more languages has been added to the Google News sitemap.

Many annoying bugs have finally been fixed:

  • Fix a bug that causes the sitemap index to be empty when post-splitting is not enabled.
  • Fix a bug that makes it not possible to flush the default cache directory.
  • Fix a bug in the Google News sitemap that leads to duplicate posts when posts are assigned to multiple categories.
  • Fix a bug that generate duplicate terms when some terms are excluded.

There are simply too many changes to list in this short announcement, so make sure you check the changelog out for a full list of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Oh, two other good news, in case you didn’t notice:

  • BWP Plugins has a new sponsor: OptimizerWP (a product of AmpleByte Studio). OptimizerWP is a highly customizable theme, you can edit your whole website LIVE. I highly recommend you guys check them out if you’re looking for a new theme.
  • BWP reCAPTCHA version 2.0.3 has just been released too, don’t miss it!
  • If you are a developer and would like to dig deeper into BWP Google XML Sitemap’s codes, check out the brand new API documentation.

Thanks for staying with BWP, and I wish you all a bright and successful 2016!

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One Opinion for At your service: BWP Google XML Sitemaps 1.4.0!

  1. User's Gravatar
    Myke500 February 23, 2016 at 11:15 am – Permalink

    Love this plugin. It has to be the easiest method for creating a sitemap yet and has helped my page become easily searchable.

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