Topic: 403 error


I'm running into an issue on my staging server where I receive a 403 error instead of being redirected to the 'redirect-to' page.
It works fine on my local environment, but not on staging/live.

I followed this tutorial http://betterwp.net/wordpress-tips/redi … nal-links/
So, currently, that is my setup.

If I remove the http:// after the ?url=, then i can view the redirect page, but otherwise, 403.

Any ideas on why this would be happening?


Re: 403 error

If the redirect to url is too long it might cause a 403 error on some servers, do you have an example link?

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Re: 403 error

Exactly same error is happening to me,It is returning 403 error on live server but it is working well in localhost.