What you are about to read are sets of rules that are to be followed while you are within the confines of this site. You are expected to read, understand and follow these rules. Rules are in place to ensure a healthy community. Each and every member is subject to abide the rules of this site.

Rule #1: Create A Thread In The Right Section.

Each section in the forums holds a certain subject to follow. Make sure that the thread you create belongs in the appropriate section.

Rule #2:  "Forum Flood" Is Not Allowed.

"Forum Flood" means any of the following:

  1. Two or more consecutive redundant posts in a row on the same thread.

  2. SPAM (Stupid Posts And Messages)

  3. Unintelligible & unclear posts.

  4. Creating multiple threads in a short amount of time.

  5. Creating another thread which is similar to an already existing active thread.

  6. Showing mass images in a single post.

Please use the report button when you find such threads or posts. One of the staffs will take care of it. However, if this is done intentionally with the intent of degrading the forums, members will be subject to a suitable punishment.

Rule #3: Please Show Common Courtesies

  1. Respect opinions of other members:

    There are always multiple sides to an opinion. Show common courtesies to other members' opinions, and they will respect your opinions too. Should you find that a member's opinions contradicts or differs from yours, please do not attack the said member. Criticize the opinion instead, not the member.

  2. Negative racism remarks are forbidden:

    Inflammatory remarks about another's culture, country, religion, or ethnicity intended to incite hatred will not be tolerated. We do not allow threads that have the intent of attacking other peoples, cultures, countries & religions, as it could lead to members attacking each other. We will take note of the actual messages where a member use racial attacks against another member and will act accordingly to issue a suitable form of punishment, preferably a ban.

Rule #4: Site Promotions & Advertisments Are Not Allowed.

Creating a thread with the intent of promoting your own site (or your friend's site) is strictly prohibited, unless you are posting in a forum that allows such behaviour (e.g. http://betterwp.net/community/forum/9/w … -showcase/). Also, advertisements such as "free iPods, etc." are not allowed. The staff will delete your post on sight. If you want to advertise on betterwp.net, contact us at http://betterwp.net/contact/.

Rule #5: Languages.

Please discuss in English, thanks.

That's it for now wink . Follow the rules and have fun!