Topic: WordPress Plugins' Minify Compatibility Report

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This topic is meant to be a comprehensive list of WordPress plugins having scripts/libraries that simply refuse to fully co-operate (or not work at all) with Minify (the PHP minification library that BWP Minify relies on). The solution is to either ignore the guilty scripts, or just minify but do not combine them.

Since BWP Minify allows you to control the position of scripts using their handles, we will be using those handles throughout this topic.

This list is sorted by plugin's name ascendingly


All-in-one Event Calendar

  • Scripts to move to footer:

    • ai1ec-vortex-general - (optional)

  • Scripts to not minify:

    • ai1ec_requirejs


bbPress - not needed since BWP Minify 1.3.0

  • Scripts to not minify:

    • quicktags


Leaflet Maps Marker

  • Scripts to not minify:

    • leafletmapsmarker


SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

  • Scripts to stay at original positions:

    • syntaxhighlighter-core


Tubepress version 3.x.x

  • Scripts to not minify:

    • tubepress

Any contribution to this list is highly appreciated!

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Re: WordPress Plugins' Minify Compatibility Report

Simple Press forum (http://simple-press.com/) doesn't work (only on forum page), it cause browser "freeze" for few minutes, till "stop this script" window show up. I tried to add all possible exclusion to script area, now there is no "freeze", but still a lot of same error message in the header (around 10):

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /wp-content/plugins/bwp-minify/includes/class-bwp-minify.php on line 627

Is it possible to totally disable BWP-Minify for Simple Press? For example with this trick?