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Contact Me

Contact Me

Below are some questions people have asked through this form in the past, they may save us some times, you know ;)

Q: Do I have to buy you some coffees to get support?
A: Absolutely not! But I only provide support for my plugins, of course.

Q: Are you available for freelance jobs?
A: I’m specializing in WordPress plugin development (kinda obvious, right?) and are available at negotiable rates.

Q: Do you have experience with any other Open Source projects?
A: I have best experience with phpBB (and PunBB) and WordPress. I’ve only skimmed through other projects such as Drupal or Joomla.

Okay, so you still wanna contact me?


Notes: If you want to get support for my plugins or report a bug, it is recommended that you check all Site News and the BWP Community first. Posting questions there is much faster and issues that have been taken care of are posted regularly, too. Now, onto the form:


If you don’t get a reply in a day or two (blame the server or the script), please consider sending a direct email to me using the contact email address: contact(at)betterwp(dot)net.