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Disable HTML in Comments Entirely


If you do not want your visitors to post any HTML in their comments, this tip is definitely for you!... more

Adding a Comment Formatting Guidelines for Visitors


Your visitors might not know what HTML markups are allowed in comments. It is, therefore, a good idea to have comment formatting guidelines somewhere near the comment form.... more

Correct Redirection after Posting a Comment


If you separate comments and trackbacks, you will notice that the redirection after a visitor posts a comment is wrong. This tip helps you fix such issue.... more

WordPress BugNet – Part One

WordPress BugNet – Part One

Welcome to another series on where you can find some cool bugs that are either dreadful or hilarious or both at the same time. Each article will consist of five to ten bugs with their descriptions, statuses and possibly their temporary solutions if no patch is available.

This series is intended to help make WordPress bugs become friendlier to users and encourage people to learn more about bugs so they might be... more

BWP reCAPTCHA released!

BWP reCAPTCHA released!

My very first plugin, BWP reCAPTCHA, has been released! This plugin utilizes the popular anti-spam library, reCAPTCHA, to help your blog stay clear of spams. This plugin provides better user experience by allowing you to integrate with Akismet. Fighting spam has never been more effective!... more

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