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WordPress Minify – Best Practices

WordPress Minify – Best Practices

Everyone wants their pages to load fast because that makes visitors and search engines happy. WordPress itself is lightweight and optimized for speed, but when plugins and themes come into play, performance can suffer a lot.

As I have pointed out in a previous article, speeding up WordPress is firstly a developer's duty. The thing is, if a huge number of plugins are loaded on a single page, it's nearly impossible for anyone... more

Mid-week’s Present: BWP Minify 1.2.0

Mid-week’s Present: BWP Minify 1.2.0
Awaiting Opinion...

This version comes with a great deal of bug fixes and a lot of improvements made to the core! Even better, I've updated the documentation page with a new Advanced Customization section that helps you make the most out of this plugin.... more

Adding a Comment Formatting Guidelines for Visitors


Your visitors might not know what HTML markups are allowed in comments. It is, therefore, a good idea to have comment formatting guidelines somewhere near the comment form.... more

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