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URL to Post ID for Custom Post Types


In WordPress, url_to_postid is a magic function that helps you convert certain URLs to IDs. However, it is limited to built-in post types. This tip will show you how to quickly make url_to_postid work with WordPress custom post types.... more

Automatically Make Links Clickable


Use the magic function make_clickable() to make links in your post clickable, just like in comment text.... more

Show latest Posts from each Post Type

Show latest Posts from each Post Type

On's Support Forum, there are many questions asked regarding the same topic: How should we modify WordPress's main query to have a fancier output, namely latest posts from each category or latest posts from each post type?

WordPress unfortunately does not provide any built-in function to handle these kinds of tasks, and it can be quite inefficient if we query for posts multiple times on one page, especially if you have a... more

Remove pingbacks/trackbacks from Comments Feed


Your comments feed might be flooded with unimportant or even unrelated pingbacks/trackbacks. It's time to remove them entirely!... more

Customize your WordPress Tag Cloud

Customize your WordPress Tag Cloud

Tag cloud, one of the most popular things in the blogging industry, is taken care of quite well in WordPress. What we got is a function that generates a customizable tag cloud with some configurable parameters such as font size, font unit, sorting order, etc. This function also provides some hooks for us end-users to modify the output to suit our needs.

In this article I would like to show you how to... more

Add Polldaddy Polls to WordPress

Add Polldaddy Polls to WordPress

Having polls in your posts or your sidebars might attract your visitors' interest in one way or another. The question is what poll systems you can use and how you should use them. There are some WordPress plugins out there that do their jobs just fine, but if you want a more comprehensive solution, Polldaddy will be your perfect poll system.

Adding's polls to your blog is rather easy, but all the... more

Remove WordPress’s Version Number


Remove WordPress's version number in header, feeds, and media links without using any plugin!... more

Disable some WordPress Pages of Little Use


There are pages in WordPress that you might never use, such as daily archive page, attachment page, and so on. This tip will show you how to disable them!... more

Polldaddy Polls Callback after Voting

Awaiting Opinion...

The callback feature Polldaddy provides allows you to define a JavaScript function that will be called after a poll vote has been registered.... more

WordPress’s Fancy Excerpt for Your Site


By default WordPress strips all HTML from generated excerpts, making them look plain and ugly. Fortunately, we can fix this without using any plugin!... more

Using WordPress’s Visual Editor

Using WordPress’s Visual Editor

WordPress's Visual Editor, or any WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor, is often known for their bad output and the auto-cleaning up problem. If you ask another WordPress user, he or she will most of the time tell you how they hate the Visual Editor and turn it off immediately after installation.

I actually use the Visual Editor a lot, it has 'Visual' in the name for a purpose and... more

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