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Redirect external links in WordPress


Use BWP External Links to easily redirect external links on your WordPress website via a redirection/disclaimer page.... more

WordPress Minify – Best Practices

WordPress Minify – Best Practices

Everyone wants their pages to load fast because that makes visitors and search engines happy. WordPress itself is lightweight and optimized for speed, but when plugins and themes come into play, performance can suffer a lot.

As I have pointed out in a previous article, speeding up WordPress is firstly a developer's duty. The thing is, if a huge number of plugins are loaded on a single page, it's nearly impossible for anyone... more

Great WordPress Plugins (Small Giants) – Part 2

Great WordPress Plugins (Small Giants) – Part 2

A WordPress plugin can choose to be great instead of big, and it seems obvious to me that people always want to use an efficient plugin that is somewhat feature-limited, rather than a plugin that does a lot of things, but also uses a lot of resources along the way.

In the previous article in this Small Giants series, I have introduced five plugins that are very useful, but lack awareness. This time,... more

Great WordPress Plugins (Small Giants)

Great WordPress Plugins (Small Giants)
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After reading Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big written by Bo Burlingham I have come up with the idea of writing about small plugins that can greatly improve functionality for your blog. If you think a great plugin needs to be huge, you are definitely wrong and you should go see the book I have mentioned right away.

Small Giants will be a series of posts on more

Ten Useful WordPress Constants You Might Love

Ten Useful WordPress Constants You Might Love

A WordPress constant is simply a variable that can not be changed once it is defined. As static as a constant is, it still plays an important role in controlling how your WordPress works.

If you are asked to name some WordPress constants, it would not be a surprise if you mention ones like WP_DEBUG, ABSPATH, or WP_LANG, because they are somewhat widely used. In this article, I will list and explain other... more

Remove Trailing Slash for Permalinks with Extensions


If you are using a permalink structure that has a trailing slash at the end, read this tip to know how to remove such slash for virtual pages, whose URLs end in their extensions!... more

Create Fake Pages in WordPress

Create Fake Pages in WordPress

People's need is changing everyday, and so is WordPress. From a simple blogging software, WordPress has evolved into a somewhat feature-rich Content Management System. It is, therefore, not a surprise if we, users and developers, always try to do crazy things with WordPress these days, and creating virtual (fake) WordPress pages is simply one of those unusual objectives.

So, what do we need fake pages for anyway? What I find particularly useful about... more

Automatically Make Links Clickable


Use the magic function make_clickable() to make links in your post clickable, just like in comment text.... more

Ready Your Images for JS Media Viewers

Awaiting Opinion...

Who doesn't want a fancy popup effect for images? Make your images ready for ColorBox, Shadowbox, Fancybox, or any other Javascript Media Viewers, now!... more

Protecting the WordPress wp-admin Folder


Do not let curious people request your wp-admin at all, block them based on their IP addresses or by using an additional pair of username and password.... more

Customize your WordPress Tag Cloud

Customize your WordPress Tag Cloud

Tag cloud, one of the most popular things in the blogging industry, is taken care of quite well in WordPress. What we got is a function that generates a customizable tag cloud with some configurable parameters such as font size, font unit, sorting order, etc. This function also provides some hooks for us end-users to modify the output to suit our needs.

In this article I would like to show you how to... more

Add Polldaddy Polls to WordPress

Add Polldaddy Polls to WordPress

Having polls in your posts or your sidebars might attract your visitors' interest in one way or another. The question is what poll systems you can use and how you should use them. There are some WordPress plugins out there that do their jobs just fine, but if you want a more comprehensive solution, Polldaddy will be your perfect poll system.

Adding's polls to your blog is rather easy, but all the... more

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