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Remove WordPress’s Version Number


Remove WordPress's version number in header, feeds, and media links without using any plugin!... more

Disable HTML in Comments Entirely


If you do not want your visitors to post any HTML in their comments, this tip is definitely for you!... more

Disable some WordPress Pages of Little Use


There are pages in WordPress that you might never use, such as daily archive page, attachment page, and so on. This tip will show you how to disable them!... more

Polldaddy Polls Callback after Voting

Awaiting Opinion...

The callback feature Polldaddy provides allows you to define a JavaScript function that will be called after a poll vote has been registered.... more

WordPress’s Fancy Excerpt for Your Site


By default WordPress strips all HTML from generated excerpts, making them look plain and ugly. Fortunately, we can fix this without using any plugin!... more

Reset Post Data


When you use query_posts() or create a new WP_Query object to get posts from the database, it is necessary to reset the post data so that other portions of a particular page can display correctly.... more

Install BWP Plugins in a Network Environment


This tip shows you how to install plugins that I developed as must-use plugins in a network environment.... more

Adding a Comment Formatting Guidelines for Visitors


Your visitors might not know what HTML markups are allowed in comments. It is, therefore, a good idea to have comment formatting guidelines somewhere near the comment form.... more

Get the Number of Posts for Each Post Type


If you would like to show some statistics to your visitors such as how many posts you have, how many movies you own, etc. wp_count_posts() is the answer!... more

Correct Redirection after Posting a Comment


If you separate comments and trackbacks, you will notice that the redirection after a visitor posts a comment is wrong. This tip helps you fix such issue.... more

WordPress Related Post Plugins

WordPress Related Post Plugins

If you have been looking for a related post plugin, you might be overwhelmed by the number of related post plugins available at the moment. Some of them are outdated, some are identical, some are efficient, and some are not. The goal of this post is to help you choose the most suitable one for your website. I will try my best to give all the pros and cons of each plugin... more

Protect Shortcodes from wpautop and the likes

Protect Shortcodes from wpautop and the likes

It is typical for any WordPress blog owner to have a few (if not many) shortcodes defined in his or her installed theme or plugins. While some shortcodes will work perfectly, some, especially enclosing ones, will not. Most of the time the problems lie at WordPress's built-in formatting functions, famous one of which is wpautop().

There are actually countless support questions and articles about wpautop() and other formatting functions mangling the contents of... more

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