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Speed Up WordPress: A Developer’s POV

Speed Up WordPress: A Developer’s POV

As an end-user, you might find WordPress ridiculously slow sometimes, not because WordPress itself is slow, but rather the way you're using WordPress is not optimized. That's why speeding up WordPress is a topic that can never get old. Mashable talked about it more than a year ago, Noupe has recently published an article about it, and even a design magazine blog has done the same thing.

All articles found on the Internet... more

Correct Redirection after Posting a Comment


If you separate comments and trackbacks, you will notice that the redirection after a visitor posts a comment is wrong. This tip helps you fix such issue.... more

Selective Plugin Loading

Selective Plugin Loading

Using plugins for your WordPress website or blog is undoubtedly a must, but if you abuse them you might eventually find yourself in tight situations. Many plugins out there are poorly written and eat up a lot of memory, or even if they aren't they simply don't need to be included every single time.

For example, plugins that are designed specifically for the back-end such as TinyMCE Advanced, Ozh' Admin Drop Down Menu... more

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