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Include Custom Post Types in Default Post Listings

Awaiting Opinion...

Read this tip to know how to include any post type in default post listings such as feeds, tag archives, date archives, etc.... more

Reset Post Data


When you use query_posts() or create a new WP_Query object to get posts from the database, it is necessary to reset the post data so that other portions of a particular page can display correctly.... more

Get the Number of Posts for Each Post Type


If you would like to show some statistics to your visitors such as how many posts you have, how many movies you own, etc. wp_count_posts() is the answer!... more

Check if a Hook is being Filtered


A somewhat not frequently used function that might help you determine whether a hook is being filtered or not.... more

Correct Redirection after Posting a Comment


If you separate comments and trackbacks, you will notice that the redirection after a visitor posts a comment is wrong. This tip helps you fix such issue.... more

Choose the Correct Theme Path and URL


This tip can be useful for any plugin that provides support for custom CSS files in a theme's folder.... more

Using WordPress’s Visual Editor

Using WordPress’s Visual Editor

WordPress's Visual Editor, or any WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor, is often known for their bad output and the auto-cleaning up problem. If you ask another WordPress user, he or she will most of the time tell you how they hate the Visual Editor and turn it off immediately after installation.

I actually use the Visual Editor a lot, it has 'Visual' in the name for a purpose and... more

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