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WordPress BugNet – Part Two

WordPress BugNet – Part Two
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This is the second post in the WordPress Bugnet series, in which I will list another five WordPress bugs that have not been fixed in recent versions of WordPress, along with their statuses and workarounds if available. Make sure you check out the first post, too!

By reading this series, you might be able to figure out if something's wrong with your blogs, and hopefully, fix it without the need of a bugifx... more

Show latest Posts from each Post Type

Show latest Posts from each Post Type

On's Support Forum, there are many questions asked regarding the same topic: How should we modify WordPress's main query to have a fancier output, namely latest posts from each category or latest posts from each post type?

WordPress unfortunately does not provide any built-in function to handle these kinds of tasks, and it can be quite inefficient if we query for posts multiple times on one page, especially if you have a... more

Include Custom Post Types in Default Post Listings

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Read this tip to know how to include any post type in default post listings such as feeds, tag archives, date archives, etc.... more

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