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Speed Up WordPress: A Developer’s POV

Speed Up WordPress: A Developer’s POV

As an end-user, you might find WordPress ridiculously slow sometimes, not because WordPress itself is slow, but rather the way you're using WordPress is not optimized. That's why speeding up WordPress is a topic that can never get old. Mashable talked about it more than a year ago, Noupe has recently published an article about it, and even a design magazine blog has done the same thing.

All articles found on the Internet... more

URL to Post ID for Custom Post Types


In WordPress, url_to_postid is a magic function that helps you convert certain URLs to IDs. However, it is limited to built-in post types. This tip will show you how to quickly make url_to_postid work with WordPress custom post types.... more

Ten Useful WordPress Constants You Might Love

Ten Useful WordPress Constants You Might Love

A WordPress constant is simply a variable that can not be changed once it is defined. As static as a constant is, it still plays an important role in controlling how your WordPress works.

If you are asked to name some WordPress constants, it would not be a surprise if you mention ones like WP_DEBUG, ABSPATH, or WP_LANG, because they are somewhat widely used. In this article, I will list and explain other... more

Properly Format your Filesize in WordPress

Awaiting Opinion...

Format the sizes of your attachments (or any other files) nicely using size_format().... more

Enqueue Style Sheets with Conditional Statements

Awaiting Opinion...

Using a built-in but hidden feature of WordPress to enqueue your IE-specific style sheets.... more

Properly get your Plugin’s Path and URL


Yet another two undocumented WordPress functions that can help you tremendously when writing a plugin or theme.... more

Disable some WordPress Pages of Little Use


There are pages in WordPress that you might never use, such as daily archive page, attachment page, and so on. This tip will show you how to disable them!... more

Include Custom Post Types in Default Post Listings

Awaiting Opinion...

Read this tip to know how to include any post type in default post listings such as feeds, tag archives, date archives, etc.... more

Custom Post Types – Explain the Unexplained

Custom Post Types – Explain the Unexplained

Custom Post Types has been one of the most discussed topics when people talk about WordPress since version 3.0. Whether you are developing a website using WordPress as a CMS or you just have different content types rather than posts, pages or attachments, custom post types is the most complete way to go.

In order to add custom post types to your website or blog you can either use some plugins that have... more

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