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Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps

Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps

The first WordPress XML Sitemap plugin that comes with comprehensive support for Google News sitemap, Sitemap Index and Multi-site. Extend functionality via flexible modules, not just hooks!

What’s new

1.4.1 (2016-01-15)

  • Bugs fixed
    • Use PHP 5.2 compatible function to get timestamp from a DateTime object.
    • Fix an issue with upgrade scripts being run too early.

1.4.0 (2016-01-14)

  • New Features
    • Add a “News age” setting to allow more control over the Google News sitemap’s contents. See wordpress-plugins/google-xml-sitemaps/faq/#google-news-age for more info.
    • Allow excluding posts by terms. If a post belongs to several terms, it will be excluded if any of those terms is excluded.
    • Add a new filter hook bwp_gxs_external_sitemaps that can be used to add non-BWP sitemaps to the sitemap index. Read here for more info.
    • Add featured image to existing post-based sitemaps.
      • To enable this feature, go to BWP Sitemaps > Extensions and choose to enable the “Google Image Sitemap” extension, and select post type(s) to enable the extension for.
      • This feature is enabled automatically for the Google News sitemap if the news post type has the “Google Image Sitemap” extension enabled for it.
      • As a related change for this new feature, Google News sitemap is now part of BWP Sitemap > Extensions as well.
    • Add ability to use custom post types and taxonomies for the Google News sitemap.
    • Allow regenerating individual sitemap via admin page.
    • Allow adding non-WordPress pages via BWP Sitemaps > XML Sitemaps > External Pages.
    • Allow excluding posts/terms via BWP Sitemaps > XML Sitemaps > Exclude items.
  • Enhancements
    • Disable some inputs when they are overridden via codes and display overridden values instead.
    • Make “Frequency”, “Priority” and “Last modified” optional when adding/updating external pages.
    • Handle last modified datetime of non-post items more consistently.
  • Other Changes
    • Update language template file. If you’re a translator, please help translating this plugin! For more info, see: wordpress-tips/create-pot-file-using-poedit/
    • Mark as compatible with WordPress 4.4+. Now require at least WordPress 3.6 and PHP 5.2.0.
    • Choosing which post types/taxonomies to generate sitemaps for is now an opt-out setting. Instead of choosing which post types/taxonomies to disable sitemap generation, you would now choose post types/taxonomies whose sitemaps should be generated.
    • Display an error message when enabling the Google News sitemap but it can not be generated.
    • Make it more obvious to check and generate the Sitemap Index when needed.
      • If no sitemap has been generated yet, a button to generate the Sitemap Index will be shown.
      • The “Clear All Logs” button have been moved to the “Sitemap Log” tab, and renamed to “Clear Message Log”. Clicking on that button will now clear the message log only, leaving the sitemap log untouched. The sitemap log is expected to be improved in version 2.0.0.
    • Disable indexing of sitemaps using the X-Robots-Tag: noindex header.
    • Add more Google News sitemap languages, allow customizing language list via bwp_gxs_news_languages filter hook.
    • XSLT stylesheet is now disabled by default.
  • Bugs fixed
    • Fix a bug that causes post.xml to be included in sitemap index even when explicitly excluded.
    • Fix a bug that causes the sitemap index to be empty when post-splitting is not enabled.
    • Filter out urls whose protocols do not match the current protocol.
      • When SSL is not used, all HTTPS urls will be filtered out.
      • When SSL is used, all HTTP urls will be filtered out.
    • Fix a bug that makes it not possible to flush the default cache directory. The cause was we cached the cache directory in the BWP_Sitemaps::$cache_directory object, which was not updated correctly when flushing cache.
    • Fix a bug that could lead to custom post types being included in post.xml sitemap.
    • Fix a bug in the Google News sitemap that leads to duplicate posts when posts are assigned to multiple categories.
    • Fix a bug that generate duplicate terms when some terms are excluded.
    • Use UTC timezone when looking for google news posts.

1.3.1 (09/23/2014)

  • Marked as WordPress 4.0 compatible.
  • Added bwp_gxs_excluded_posts filter hook to page sitemap module. It should be possible to use an array of page ids to exclude certain pages from the page sitemap.
  • Added a News name setting (in XML Sitemaps >> Google News Sitemap).
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements.

1.3.0 (09/02/2014)

  • New features
    • Added a new setting to control which post types can be used to ping search engines
    • Added a ping limit setting
    • Added a “Save changes and Flush cache” button
  • Enhancements
    • Plugin’s admin areas have been re-organized to be easier to use.
    • Updated all sitemap modules with easier to use APIs.
    • Last modified dates are now more properly handled.
    • Error log has been refined to be more friendly and useful.
    • Post types that do not have any post should not be listed in sitemapindex.xml by default.
    • Posts that are password-protected should not be listed in sitemap files.
    • Be more selective when pinging search engines, this is to avoid double pinging when using plugin like Snitch.
    • Replaced the “Clean PHP errors” function with a “Debug extra” mode that can be used to easily debug “Content Encoding error” and similar errors, more info about “Debug extra” here.
    • When debug or debug extra is on, no-cache headers are sent to ensure a proper debugging environment.
    • Caching is now disabled by default to avoid confusion when setting up the sitemapindex.
    • Cache directory can now be edited via:
      • Plugin’s admin area: BWP Sitemaps >> XML Sitemaps >> Caching
      • PHP Constant: e.g. define('BWP_GXS_CACHE_DIR', 'path/to/cache/directory');
      • Filters: use bwp_gxs_cache_dir
    • Added bwp_gxs_excluded_posts filter hook to let users exclude posts using an array of IDs instead of an SQL string. This is meant to replace bwp_gxs_post_where filter hook when using to exclude certain posts. More info here.
    • Added bwp_gxs_excluded_terms filter hook as a taxonomy-equivalent to bwp_gxs_excluded_posts, this works the same as (and deprecates) bwp_gxs_term_exclude.
    • Added bwp_gxs_sitemap_lastmod filter hook to let users modify last modified dates of sitemaps inside a sitemapindex programmatically when needed.
    • Ping settings can now be set per blog instead of site-wise.
    • Added a Spanish translation – Thanks to Ruben!
    • Added more News languages:
      • Hebrew (he)
      • Traditional Chinese (zh-tw)
      • Arabic (ar)
      • Hindi (hi)
      • Japanese (ja)
    • Other enhancements.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed an issue that might cause an extraneous split part to appear.
    • Fixed an issue that might cause “Invalid last modified date” error
    • Fixed an issue that might cause the sitemapindex to use the regular XSLT stylesheet
    • Sitemapindex should now respect excluded posts when splitting post-based sitemaps
    • Other bugfixes.

1.2.3 (05/20/2014)

  • Temporary fix for unexpected character that shows up on every page.

1.2.2 (10/26/2013)

  • Marked as WordPress 3.7 compatible.
  • Added two new Google News Sitemap languages: Turkish (tr) and Russian (ru).
  • Updated BWP Framework to fix a possible bug that causes BWP setting pages to go blank.
  • Removed’s pinging service as it has been retired.
  • Good news: has become the official sponsor for BWP Google Xml Sitemaps.

1.2.1 (04/03/2012)

As you might have guessed, this release focuses on improving the new Google News Sitemap Module which was introduced in 1.2.0. Below are some enhancements:

  • Added new languages (Spanish, German, Polish, Portuguese, etc.).
  • Added a new hook (bwp_gxs_news_name) that allows you to set a custom sitename without having to change the sitename setting inside WordPress.
  • Added a new option that allows you to choose whether to use news categories or news tags as keywords (very experimental and can be inefficient if you have a lot of posts).
  • WordPress’s timezone settings are now properly respected.
  • Genres tags are omitted entirely if no genres are set for a particular categories.
  • A new Multi-category mode (disabled by default) has been added that offers the following features:
    • If a post is in both an included and an excluded category, it’s now excluded.
    • If a post is in two or more categories, it can now have all genres that are assigned to those categories.
    • If a post is in two or more categories, it can now have all categories as its keywords (only if you choose to use news categories as keywords of course)

1.2.0 (02/19/2012)

  • Added a Google News sitemap module. Creating a news sitemap has never been so easy!
  • Support for WPMU Domain Mapping plugin has been vastly improved (robots.txt, site.xml, sitemap urls in Statistics tab).
  • BWP GXS’s menu can now be put under Settings using a simple filter.
  • BWP GXS’s admin style is now enqueued correctly so no more warning from WordPress.
  • Added a Traditional Chinese and a Romanian transation, thanks to Richer Yang and Luke Tyler!
  • All invalid URls, such as # and external or empty ones, are now removed from sitemaps.
  • Removed Yahoo’s pinging service.
  • Fixed a bug that causes duplicate author entries to appear in author sitemap.
  • Fixed a bug that causes a “class not found” error with paginated custom post type sitemap modules.
  • Other fixes and improvements.

1.1.5 (09/20/2011)

  • Added a new site.xml sitemap that lists all blogs within your site / network.
  • Added a new author.xml sitemap that lists all authors contributing to a blog.
  • BWP GXS should now show the correct mapped sitemap URLs in the Statistics tab if you use WPMU Domain Mapping plugin.
  • Fixed a bug that causes duplicate items to appear on sitemap parts, thanks to Aahan for reporting!
  • Fixed a bug that causes the post post type sitemaps to show up even when disabled.

1.1.4 (08/12/2011)

  • Changed some options’ descriptions.
  • Fixed a possible incompatibility issue with FeedWordPress plugin and Suffusion theme (thanks a lot to Itarauma Sumeros and Erwin Maas for reporting!).
  • Other minor bug fixes.

1.1.3 (07/28/2011)

  • Gzip is now off by default as it was causing issue on some hosts.
  • In previous versions, this plugin automatically cleaned unexpected outputs before sitemap generation so that sitemaps are generated properly. Such feature also causes issues on certain hosts. As of 1.1.3 this is an option in Generator tab, and it is enabled by default.
  • Fixed a possible bug in the taxonomy module that could cause a maximum execution time error. Thanks to David Killingsworth for reporting this bug!
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

1.1.2 (07/21/2011)

  • Fixed a possible memory leak.
  • Clear PHP errors in a friendlier way.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

1.1.1 (06/26/2011)

  • Added an option for users to choose whether to use GMT for Last Modified time or not.
  • Improved the taxonomy module a bit.
  • Fixed a minor bug in the page module.
  • Fixed a bug that affects rewrite rules of custom post types and taxonomies in some cases. A big thanks to crowinck!
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

1.1.0 (06/05/2011)

  • New Features
    • This plugin can now automatically split large post sitemaps into smaller ones. You can set a limit for each small sitemap. For example if you have 200K posts and would like to have 10K posts for each sitemap, BWP GXS will then split post.xml into 20 parts (i.e. from post_part1.xml to post_part20.xml). This helps you bypass the 50,000 URLs limit without having to build your custom modules, and also helps make your sitemaps smaller, lighter, and of course faster to generate. This plugin has been tested on sites that have nearly 200K posts and it took less than 1 second to generate the sitemapindex.
    • Added a new sitemap, called External Pages’ sitemap, using which you can easily add links to pages that do not belong to WordPress to the Sitemap Index.
    • Added options in the Generator to exclude certain post types, taxonomies without having to use filters.
    • Added new hooks to default post-based and taxonomy-based modules to allow easier SQL query customization (you don’t have to develop custom modules anymore just to change minor things).
  • Improvements
    • Major overhaul of all modules to make them faster, more efficient, more accurate, and of course, consume much less memory. This version should eliminate most white page problems happened in previous versions.
    • Improved compatibility with cache plugins.
    • Improved support for sites that uses %category% in permalink structure.
    • The plugin should now display style sheet correctly in tight situations.
    • Added a clear log button to clear redundant log (available to network admin only).
    • Added an option to include links to all sitemapindex.xml files in your network in the primary website’s robots.txt.
    • Tag archive sitemap can now be disabled properly.
    • Fixed permalinks for people using index.php in permalink structure.
    • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

1.0.5 (04/30/2011)

  • Unregistered modules (such as redundant modules from 1.0.3) will now have a 404 HTTP status to prevent search engines from requesting them again.
  • Time for each log will now make use of your current timezone setting in Settings >> General.
  • And other minor fixes.

1.0.4 (04/20/2011)

  • Hot fix for WordPress in other languages, such as French, Russian. Prior to this version this plugin tries to use posts’ and taxonomies’ labels to build sitemaps’ URLs in plural forms (e.g. taxonomy_categories). Unfortunately this breaks sitemaps when labels contain UTF8 characters with marks (such as catégories). All sitemaps now have singular forms. Hope that we will have a better solution in the future (This change will make all logs’ contents change as well. To remove redundant logs, please deactivate this plugin and then reactivate it.)

1.0.3 (04/20/2011)

  • Fixed incorrect regex for rewrite rules.
  • Added a check to make sure all necessary rewrite rules are added. No need to manually flush rewrite rules anymore.
  • bwp_gxs_add_rewrite_rules action now becomes bwp_gxs_rewrite_rules filter (the hook used to add your own sitemaps).

1.0.2 (04/19/2011)

  • Fixed a bug that could produce wrong or empty last modified dates in sitemapindex.
  • Corrected a typo in page.php module.
  • Added Malaysian translation, thanks to d4rkcry3r!

1.0.1 (04/17/2011)

  • Now you can browser to to view your sitemapindex. You can submit it too if you want. Important: Make sure you don’t have any real sitemap.xml file in your website’s root. Also, you will have to flush all rewrite rules, by either deactivating and then reactivating this plugin, or simply go to Permalink Settings and click on Save Changes.
  • Build stats (build time, number of queries, memory usage) should be more accurate now.
  • Add a canonical redirection for sitemap URL to avoid problems with XSLT style sheet’s absolute URL.
  • Fixed a minor error in the base module class.

1.0.0 (04/16/2011)

  • Initial Release
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