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WordPress Tips

WordPress Tips

Redirect external links in WordPress


Use BWP External Links to easily redirect external links on your WordPress website via a redirection/disclaimer page.... more

How-to: Add BWP reCAPTCHA to Contact Form 7 (CF7)


As of BWP reCAPTCHA 1.1.0, you can add a BWP reCAPTCHA tag to your Contact Form 7 intuitively.... more

How-to: Add custom translations to BWP reCAPTCHA


Translating BWP reCAPTCHA into a custom language consists of two steps. The first step is to translate BWP strings (mostly error messages) and the second step is to translate reCAPTCHA strings themselves.... more

URL to Post ID for Custom Post Types


In WordPress, url_to_postid is a magic function that helps you convert certain URLs to IDs. However, it is limited to built-in post types. This tip will show you how to quickly make url_to_postid work with WordPress custom post types.... more

Remove Trailing Slash for Permalinks with Extensions


If you are using a permalink structure that has a trailing slash at the end, read this tip to know how to remove such slash for virtual pages, whose URLs end in their extensions!... more

No Smilies Conversion in Code Tags

Awaiting Opinion...

Smilies are used everywhere: in posts, comments, or even handwritten notes, and WordPress automatically converts a text smiley to a nice icon for you. But inside code tags, such conversion serves no purpose. It is therefore recommended that you disable it.... more

Automatically Make Links Clickable


Use the magic function make_clickable() to make links in your post clickable, just like in comment text.... more

Ready Your Images for JS Media Viewers

Awaiting Opinion...

Who doesn't want a fancy popup effect for images? Make your images ready for ColorBox, Shadowbox, Fancybox, or any other Javascript Media Viewers, now!... more

Get incoming Search Keywords to your Website/Blog


A simple way to get what search terms people are using to arrive at your website/blog, with support for Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major Search Engines.... more

Remove pingbacks/trackbacks from Comments Feed


Your comments feed might be flooded with unimportant or even unrelated pingbacks/trackbacks. It's time to remove them entirely!... more

Protecting the WordPress wp-admin Folder


Do not let curious people request your wp-admin at all, block them based on their IP addresses or by using an additional pair of username and password.... more

Properly Format your Filesize in WordPress

Awaiting Opinion...

Format the sizes of your attachments (or any other files) nicely using size_format().... more

Append a Trailing Slash to Paths and URLs


This useful function will help you easily and properly work with paths and URLs.... more

Global Options in a Multi-site WordPress


Make use of get_site_option() and update_site_option() in a Multi-site environment.... more

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